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Do you offer touch-up services?

Yes! You can have an artist stay for an hourly rate or an artist can come back later that day for! (pending artist approval) - prices vary.

How far in advance can I book my wedding day services?

Our calendars open up 18 months in advance.

Are trials required?

No, they are not but strongly encouraged! Trials are a great opportunity for the artist to get to understand what truly works best for you as the client! Having that time to talk through your vision, then wear your hair and makeup will set you up for a successful, stress free wedding morning. 

How is mileage determined? 

It is determined by the artist’s home location to the “getting ready” address provided by the bride. The first 30 miles round trip is complimentary and anything after that is .75 per mile. 

Can I add or remove services after placing a deposit? 

Yes, you are able to make changes. Although, you will need to be sure you still meet the artist minimum for the artists you have reserved. If adding more services, we will need to confirm availability before adding them to the timeline and invoice.  

Can I choose the artists for my wedding day? 

Yes, you can request certain artists! It is a first come first serve basis. If the artist is already booked as a lead on another wedding they will not be available. 

What are the differences between the lashes offered? 

Standard lashes are made of synthetic hair, similar to the lashes you would buy in store. Premium is made of real or silk hair from professional brands. Individual help to give the most natural look and are the most comfortable! 

When should I plan to schedule my trial? 

We recommend scheduling them 2-3 months prior to your wedding! We will reach out 4-5 months prior to your wedding to schedule a date and time. 

How do you determine the day of schedules? 

About 6 weeks prior to your wedding we will send you a “wedding worksheet.” Once this is completed, we will put together a finalized timeline for you. 

Do airbrush and traditional FOUNDATION differ in price? 

No, they are priced the same and you can choose either!

How can payment be made? 

All payments will be submitted online through your portal on Honeybook. 

When is the final invoice due?

Final invoice is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding.